(above and below) My 6-piece Spin and Fly Travel Rod that fits into a 21- inch compartment.

This is a uniquely designed 5-piece Fly and 5-piece Spin Travel Rod with two butt sections. 6 pieces in all. A 4-5 wt fly rod and a 4 - 6 lb line spinning rod. The reels and 6-piece rod fits into a backpack, motorcycle saddle bag compartment or luggage. The 6-piece rod fits into a 21x 2.5 inch rod case as shown above.

THANKS for taking the time to look at our little web site. I have a large selection of custom rods for sale. I also design and build fishing rods that will meet and beat your expectations. Please contact me for a free, not to exceed estimate for the rod you desire.

Do you need Rod Building or Rod Repair components?


I will give you a free not to exceed estimate so you will know exactly the cost of repair to your rod. Contact me today to build your favorite rod!

I stock a variety of lures for; steelhead, trout, bass, and walleyes. This includes hooks, line and all at great values.

I have many custom rods in stock which includes; Fly, Fly switch rods, bass, trout, salmon, and sturgeon rods. I also carry Phenolioc Resin Blanks which are among the toughest and yet sensitive blanks ever produced. I build on Rainshadow, Lamiglas, and Northfork composite blanks (Gary Loomis) and many others.

(above) Rod Wraps for protecting rods while traveling or stowing them. Protects ferrules and can be used to stow a completely rigged rod. (reel and lure)
(above) No rubbing and clanging of rods any more and easy to carry multiple rods in a protected bundle.
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